Heat Wave Melting Makeup!

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 in Insider Tips | 0 comments

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a nation-wide heat wave going on and circus girls all over the U.S. are prime victims of melting makeup. So, if your makeup starts sliding the minute you walk outside, don’t sweat! There are ways to keep your makeup in place in the face of heat and humidity. Here are 3 tips I have found useful throughout the years while performing outdoors and under poorly-ventilated “Big Tops”.

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Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50  

This primer by M•A•C is a skin-protecting cream with SPF 50 that is applied under makeup to prime the skin for the sun. Great for when performing outdoors in the hot, hot sun! It’s light, fast-absorbing, oil-free, and invisible; which makes it suitable for all skins. It won’t affect the look or long-wear integrity of your makeup and provides sun protection to help guard the skin against discoloration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder to help prevent oil breakthrough.

Remember to always start with a primer then apply your foundation. This will help to keep the makeup on through the heat and make the makeup last!

Blot Powder Pressed

One way to keep makeup from sliding off is to use powdered products. During the heat, stay away from any cream-based cheek and eye colors or you’ll end up looking like you have wet, oily eyelids! With the exception that a cream specifically says that it’s “waterproof” and dries into a powder finish, then you’re good to go.

I love to use Blot Powder Pressed by M•A•C. It’s a pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture. It sets foundation and finishes your makeup by decreasing the oily look one gets when sweating. I like to dab a bit on my eyebrows after coloring them to prevent them from beading down along with my sweat. Blot Powder contains Mica and Silica to adsorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin’s surface and can be applied with the little “puff” that comes in the compact or with a powder brush.

Professional All-in-One Waterproof Mascara

I always use waterproof mascara, even when not performing, especially in the summer when it’s extremely humid and hot! This smudge-resistant, smear-resistant mascara by COVERGIRL magnifies lashes with a natural effect. I like to curl my lashes and I have always had trouble finding the right mascara that will hold the curl in place until I found this one! What I love even more about it is that it’s not the typical waterproof mascara that dries out and breaks your eyelashes. Its pro-glide brush finds lashes you didn’t know you had, for a great look without the usual clumps or globs.

Regular mascara tends to flake off and smudge. If you usually wear multiple coats but don’t like waterproof formulas I suggest sealing your usual mascara with one coat of a waterproof one. ■