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Jen Bricker’s Long Lost Sisters

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in People | 1 comment

Circus Girl Magazine was more than happy to interview Jen Bricker about her life as a disabled circus girl  and she was gracious enough to share her inspiring story with us. News of a reunion with her long lost sisters surfaced in the media all over the world recently and CGM wanted to get the inside scoop! We ask Jen a few questions about her recent discovery and what it was like for her to find out that one of her long lost sisters is actually gold medal gymnast, Dominique Moceanu!

“Having sisters is something I’ve always wanted!”


CGM:  How did you come to find out about your long lost sister, Dominique?   

JB:  My friend had just found out what her biological last name was & I was just curious if my parents knew anything about what mine would of been? When I asked my mom what my biological last name was she said, “You’re never going to believe this… (LONG PAUSE)… it’s ‘Moceanu’!” WHAT?! I knew exactly  what that meant!

CGM:  What was your reaction to the news?

JB:  Shock & disbelief, immediately followed by excitement!

CGM:  When did you meet your sisters for the first time? 

JB:  We all 3 met for the first time in May of 2008 in Cleveland at Dominique’s home.

CGM:  What was Dominique’s reaction to all of this?

JB:  She was very surprised to find out she had another sister she never knew about! I think we all wanted to get to know as much about each other as we possibly could! Christina and I both had to switch to unlimited texting because of the MASSIVE amount of texts we sent discovering all of our uncanny similarities!

CGM:  How has the news about having long lost sisters affected your life? 

JB:  Having sisters is something I’ve always wanted! I grew up with my 3 older brothers, so there was a lack of “girl time” that I wanted! Now I have 2 sisters that I can chat [about] make-up, hair, and clothes with.

CGM:  What’s it like to know that one of your long lost sisters is actually a world famous gold medal gymnast? 

JB:  It’s absolutely surreal… considering she was my ONE AND ONLY idol my entire childhood!

CGM:  What is your relationship like with your newly found sisters now? 

JB:  We try & see each other as much as possible.  We definitely utilize the power of social media and texting to keep up with each other’s busy lives! ■